Every Solution Poses a New Problem

Headline is a quote from this article, which, among other items worthy of attention, addresses a favorite issue of mine: quiet cars.  From the article:

“The electric car will account for 10% of the global market in 10 years,” predicts Carlos Ghosn, chief executive of alliance partners Renault and Nissan in a BBC interview. “It is time for zero emission motoring.”

If Mr. Ghosn and those who think like him are right, then the future looks bleak.

At least, that is, if you are a pigeon.

“Normally, when they hear a car they fly away last minute,” says the man from Sixt, the car rental firm that handles the German energy company RWE’s fleet of electric cars, during the Tesla drive in Frankfurt.

“But when this one comes along, they don’t hear it.”

* * *

If pigeons cannot hear electric cars then perhaps people should worry too?Not at all, insists Volkswagen’s Ulrich Hackenberg as he presses a button on the dashboard of the company’s E-Up concept to release a canned sound of a revving engine.

“Electric cars could sound like this in the future,” he says.

It’s been awhile, but we had heard some rumblings earlier on about the Brammo Enertia’s onboard speakers and the ability to produce a sound at low speed levels.  I haven’t heard anything very recently about this issue, at least since the Enertia was introduced at Portland, Oregon area Best Buy stores.

Perhaps we’ll learn more about it later today or tomorrow, when one of the first Enertias gets delivered to a lucky Iowan, I’ve dubbed, “Hawkeye.”  He’s been emailing me and has confirmed that, absent any calamities, his new bike will be delivered today.  Stay tuned to Brammofan.com for updates on the Enertia’s arrival in the Field of Dreams.



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