NBC News’ Anne Thompson To Jump 20 Buses while riding an Enertia

You’ll have to watch NBC News every day from now on in order to catch it, but according to some leaked photos, NBC Nightly News reporter, Anne Thompson, seen here chatting with Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher,


reportedly told Bramscher that she had always idolized Evel Knievel and would give anything to be the first news reporter to jump 20 buses while riding the new Brammo Enertia.  It’s not clear whether she actually performed the jump, but here is an exclusive photo of her on the bike, preparing for what she allegedly called, “the career changing jump of my dreams.”


Everything in this article is true, except for the headline and anything that appears between the two pictures.  However, admit it.  If it were true, it would put the “AWE” in awesome.



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