TTXGP announces UK racing series


From the TTXGP blog:

TTXGP, promoters of zero carbon, clean emission motorsports, is pleased to announce a new UK motorcycling series – the TTXGP UK Championships 2010. The series follows on from TTXGP’s success in its inaugural event on the Isle of Man TT course in June of this year. The events are scheduled to take place at major UK motor racing circuits.

The series is sanctioned by the Auto-Cycle Union (ACU) and supported by the British Motorcyclists Federation (BMF). TTXGP is developing a global programme of low-carbon motorsports events working with the ACU, BMF and the Fédération Internationale de Motocylisme (FIM) to provide a platform for competition to drive technology and innovation into the next generation of motorsports

Speaking at this week’s Low Carbon Vehicle event in Millbrook, TTXGP founder, Azhar Hussain, said, “With the success of the TTXGP on the Isle of Man, we have shown that zero carbon technology is ready to deliver the thrills and passion for spectators and riders alike. In partnership with bodies such as the ACU and the BMF we are able to take the next steps and are proud to be pushing new frontiers in motorsports technology both on and off the track. Competition improves the breed, so we invite the best and the brightest in the world to join us at the dawn of the next generation of motorsports.”

Dave Luscombe of the ACU said, “The ACU is delighted to be a partner in the creation and running of the world’s first domestic road race championship for electric motorcycles.  As the National Governing Body for motorcycle sport in the United Kingdom (excluding Northern Ireland), the ACU has nurtured and developed British motorcycle sport for over a century.  The ACU believes that the development of this new and innovative branch of motorcycle racing will help secure the future of sport for the next 100 years.”

Christopher Hodder, BMF, said, “The BMF is extremely pleased that after many months of hard work with TTXGP, we are going forward with a new championships for the whole of the UK which will have the full support of all the BMF’s members. This series will really show that electric motorcycling is the future.”

John Chatterton-Ross, for the FIM, said, “Following the great success of TTXGP, we are looking forward to yet another success, thanks to Azhar’s efforts. I think it is really helpful for motorcycling in general that the intellectual challenge for driving forward technology is being recognised and we are seen to be part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.”


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