Brammo Enertia LE to appear at Atomfest

Feeling a bit droopy lately?  Can’t quite get up the energy to do the things that need to be done? Has your “get up and go” got up and went?

Then you, my friend, need a shot of:


Trust me on this one: there will be more than enough of this MIRACLE DRUG in the air next week at ATOMFEST in the lush and verdant town of Sand Springs, Oklahoma.

Tuesdays Schedule.  For the rest of the week, click on the image.

Tuesday's Schedule. For the rest of the week, click on the image.

While you’re breathing in the mixture of exhaust fumes, burning rubber, Old Spice, and good ol’ Testosterone, why not check out the latest, greatest iteration of the Brammo Enertia, the LE:

Shipping out Limited Edition Enertias to the Brammo faithful- (via Adrian Stewart)

Brammo Enertia LE

The LE will be at the Atomfest next week, providing an easy antidote to the heartbreak of TP (Testosterone Poisoning).  A TP-sufferer can be spotted quite easily– bloodshot eyes, bared teeth, and a strongly-voiced inclination to do one or more of the following:

Typical TP Sufferer

Typical TP Sufferer

1. Destroy, kill, crush and/or dismember the enemy, the other team, the world, and/or Rosie O’Donnel.

2. Get rip-snortin’ drunk.

3. Blow something to smithereens.

4. Git ‘er done.

5. Rape and/or pillage.

After viewing, sitting on, or riding the Brammo Enertia LE, however, a TP-sufferer will soon realize that violence is not the answer and that the world needs our help to get through this whole climate-change thingy.  Recovery is complete when the patient administers a brug to the nearest Brammo representative.

If you’re wondering what a nice, clean, plug-in electric motorcycle is doing in a place where it will be surrounded by gas-suckin’, carbon-monoxide-belchin’, exo-skeletal supercars driven by overcompensating wonderful guys who have lots of money to spend on fun big boy toys, then you haven’t been paying attention to the whole Brammo backstory.  Suffice to say that Brammo, Inc., used to be Brammo Motorsports, and used to be the North American licensed manufacturer of the Ariel Atom.   goreredThis occurred before CEO Craig Bramscher’s well-documented epiphany in 2007 when he collapsed after breathing unfiltered nitrous-oxide and was visited by an ethereal Al Gore who reportedly told him to stop building Earth-killers and, instead, to build a green motorcycle.

Finally, this just in from @brammosays on twitter:

Orange and carbon fibre LE - ready to go

Orange and carbon fibre LE - ready to go

I wonder what color the Brammo Enertia LE at Atomfest will be?



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