Saddlebags can be sexy, too. Really.

Looks like things are starting to heat up on the newly designed so-called-interim Brammo website.  They just opened up their online store this week and are selling the Enertia.  Today, they just opened up the “accessory” section and are selling these fine looking saddlebags (or panniers, for you urbane urbanites)


I’m guessing that, even if you think you can’t afford the $12,000 (or much less, after tax credits, etc.) Enertia, you could still purchase these sleek Brammo-logo boxes, and hang them on your Honda.  Heck, they’re cheaper than dirt at $275.00.  Link to the store is here, although to get there, you’ll have to choose your favorite state.

Online Store.  That is a pretty boring name.  Here’s my vote for something catchier:


You have a better idea? Tell it to the comments. Although, this is in no way a request for a crowdsourced name for the online store.  Sheesh.



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