California Next to Experience the Brammo Enertia

According to an article on (publisher of, among others, the Ashland Daily Tidings), Brammo intends to move its Enertia/Best Buy campaign into California next.

“This is the test phase of the launch,” said John Farris, Brammo’s marketing and communication director. “The plan is to expand into California next.”

Best Buy will have a floor model and a couple more Enertias in stock in stores with personal transportation departments.

“Brammo isn’t the only personal transportation they’re marketing; they have a full range of (electric) bicycle and scooter-type of products,” Farris said. “But we are the marquee product and the only motorcycle.”

Farris mentioned the online store at and said this about sales forecasts:

Farris said it’s too early to gauge the number of units Brammo will sell this year, but the company hopes to produce 5,000 motorcycles within the next 12 months. It hopes to ramp up motorcycle production to 45,000 by 2012.

“We won’t have a forecast for another week or two,” Farris said. “We just went live last weekend. Orders are coming in, but we won’t begin shipping until later this week.”

Whoa… 45,000 is a big number for 2012.  This must include the Encite (smaller model) and perhaps a dual sport and a beefed up TTR-like model as well.

Great picture with the article, showing what appears to be an earlier prototype (it’s not the “Subliminal Green” but rather, a less-bright sparkle green) and, behind Mr. Lutz, the new prototype of Brammo’s flying motorcycle, the Enterprise, model no. NCC-1701.


Colby Lutz, a Southern Oregon University sophomore and part time Brammo technician, checks out the company’s electric-powered motorcycle. -MailTribune Photo



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