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Test Ride: Brammo Enertia

This isn’t some link posted from someplace else. This is a real hands on by a forum member. I am the fourth (non-Brammo) person to ride, and the apparent land speed record holder. 

I heard through Hell for Leather (the online mag) that they were going on sale this weekend and that test rides were being offered. I decided to check it out. I’ve been interested in the electric bike movement, since I used to do electric R/C car racing and it’s pretty much the same thing.

No deposit is required, just insurance, a valid moto license. They have some gear provided, but it’s limited in size at this time. After about 10 min of minor paperwork the bike is all yours for 15 minutes.

I left the Jansen Beach Best Buy and promptly did some circles in the parking lot. It handled quite naturally, and though there was a bit of lag in the power from a standstill it comes on refreshingly consistent from there on to it’s top speed. From there I headed south and hit the Delta Park / PIR exit to see how it handled corners at speed. It does. From that point on a smile never left my face. 

It did that clover no problem. It feels like a small Supermoto. Foot out is the way to go. I then headed north for some minor twisty testing. I took the 99th street exit and took that right there towards the Ross Complex. Holy Cow does it handle like a champ!

I did some more parking lot circles and headed back south. I took the 39th street clover exit to see how it handles with uphill corners… It passed. (I even scraped the peg ). I then promptly turned back south cuse my 15 minutes was almost up.

As I headed down the on ramp I was behind a particularly slow elderly couple. I was forced due to traffic to stay behind them until I was fully on the freeway. When I took my pass at them I closely followed the passing SUV and gunned the throttle. I saw the speedo tap the 70mph mark for an instant and then drop back down.

Before I left on the test ride I asked what the top speed was, they said 65. I was doubtful I would hit that since my 6’2″ bulk was quite the airdam. The Brammo guy was elated when he heard I hit 70mph. Apparently I now hold the land speed record on that bike 

Needless to say I was thoroughly impressed. If I had the 12g’s to get one I would. It’s a freaking blast to ride and would work quite well as a commuter.

Did I mention that it will put a permanent smile on your face? 

Like a bonehead I forgot to get a picture of me on the test bike… I was so excited about the ride that I had a brain fart  so the best I got was a seat on the one in the store:


Sounds like he really took it through its paces–even scraped a peg!  Thanks for the report, masked rider.

When asked about the range, he responded:

Not far. It’s really no more than a commuter at this point. I had it out for ~15 min and drained nearly 60-80% of the battery (when doing excessive amounts of high speeds the batteries tend to read more drained than they really are, so in actuality I think I used about 50%). But that was also doing 65mph pretty much the whole time, and accelerating fairly hard. So I’d say their claim of around 40 miles is about right.

The biggest thing to get used to was the lack of a clutch or gears. But it was nice having smooth constant power from 0-65mph.



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  1. #1 by travis on August 31, 2009 - 10:41 am

    Its “Jantzen Beach”


  2. #2 by Craig Spirko on August 31, 2009 - 10:46 am

    50% or more battery used in a 15 min ride. That’s troublesome

  3. #3 by brammofan on August 31, 2009 - 11:25 am

    With as hard as it sounds like he was riding it, that’s about right. Most commutes average about 30 mph. At that speed, the range specs are more on target. The TTR had two extra battery cells and, at 80+ average mph, it lasted about 40 minutes.
    I’m trying to figure out how they handled test drives when the bike would need recharging for awhile after each one. Maybe they had more than one bike for tests?

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