Been Waiting All Day For These!

Why are these men smiling?


Craig Bramscher, CEO of Brammo, Inc., and Brian Wismann, Lead Designer, proudly show off the first Brammo Enertia on the sales floor of the Best Buy store at Cascade Station in Portland, Oregon.


And here are the other two Enertias, waiting for their test drives.  Looks like they’re in the back, near the Geek Squad work bench.  (Yep.  If you look on the table in the back, that yellow grinder is what they use to polish your hard drive.)

Congratulations Craig and Brian and Adrian and John and the rest of the Brammo crew!


Sounds like Cascade Station may not be the only Best Buy in Portland with Enertias.  From Brian Wismann come these two shots, the second of which was captioned “Another from Jantzen Beach.”  That is a different Best Buy location from Cascade Station:





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