Party Crashers

Brammofan heads out of town for the weekend and comes home to an overflowing inbox.

There’s the new Brammo website (thank goodness… I was about to gouge my eyes out looking at the same old tired website)  I’ll be reviewing that soon.

In related news, Brammo has introduced a Brammocommunity website.  I’m a member, of course, so drop by, log in, and let’s get it moving.

Brammo started crowdsourcing a new logo over at, and it looks like they have over 300 submissions already.  I’ll be covering this as well, but wanted to mention it now as there is a $1000 prize available to the winner.  There are some real beauties there, and, ahem, some real dogs.

Brammo-barbarians at the Gate

wcrashFinally, it sounds like the Brammo folks, specifically Adrian Stewart, John Farris, and Brian Wismann, had some fun last weekend crashing the local BMW Motorcycle Dealership’s open house for the introduction of the new BMW 1000 sport bike.

In the words of Stewart: Three of us planning to crash the local BMW S1000RR open house on Enertias and see who gets the most attention.


Bald man in blue shirt approaching - Bouncer?


Adrian Stewart (left) and John Farris (right), having way too much fun

Adrian Stewart (left) and John Farris (right), having way too much fun


Stewart posted this picture of Wismann lecturing: “The man from BMW prepares to road test the BRAMMO Enertia….turns out he liked it very much.”

For the record, Wismann did mention that the BMW S1000RR was “not too shabby, either.”


Sure, but can you start it in your garage and admire it with the doors closed?  Not for long.

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