Mid-week Brammo Picture Dump

Some interesting photos coming in this week and last weekend, that merit attention:

In the “photoshopped Enertia Design” category comes this beauty, from Don:


I hereby dub the, “Enertia from the Black Lagoon”

From the Brammovan‘s trek from Aspen to Ashland:



Both of those appear to have been taken on the Bonneville Salt Flats, but no confirmation on that possibility from Brammo.

Over the weekend, @brammodesigner posted this:

What do you call such a gathering?  Herd? Gaggle? Gang? A “Charge of Enertias” is my nomination.

And, just last night, this curious pic from @brammodesigner:


Yes folks, that is a picture of the first “Graphite” colored Enertia.  Check out those knobbies! (thanks, @skadamo).  Looks like someone is planning to play some off-road games.

Finally, in the interest of showing what other electric motorcycle manufacturers are up to, I feel compelled to show these pictures, which were posted yesterday by the Mission Motors folks from their photoshoot, by Douglas Sonders:



It’s in front of a transformer.  Just in case you missed that, there is a sign that says, “High Voltage.”  Get it?

Anyway, she’s lovely.  I like the very sleek lines.  She definitely has a real “let’s get down to the business of moving from Point A to Point B” kind of look.

Oh, and the bike is nice, too.  That bike, the “Mission One,” can be yours today, or rather, can be reserved for $5000 and will be yours upon production for the total price of $68,995.  Or, you could go to your local Best Buy (if you lived in Portland, Oregon) sometime later this month (please?) and buy five Enertias, and still have about $8,000 left over for your electric bill, or some good looking clothing for your urban commute.

By the way, Sonders, the photographer, wanted folks to vote for his dog as the cutest dog in some contest… Okay… so Winston is pretty cute.  However, I still think that Luna, the youngest of my three Boxers, is the cutest.  You be the judge:


She was very tired after trekking through Devil’s Den State Park in Arkansas.  And that concludes our mid-week photo dump.



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  1. #1 by Douglas Sonders on August 21, 2009 - 12:46 am

    Thanks for the shout out. Look for photos to be posted soon!

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