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This just in from Gizmag – They interviewed Azhar Hussain, the organizer and driving force behind this year’s TTXGP zero emissions Grand Prix motorcycle race on the Isle of Man.  He had some information about his plans for an electric motorcycle racing series: He is working to create a five-race global series with rounds in Europe, Asia and the Americas; and a four-round U.K. National series and three-round American National series.

Gizmag noted, however that:

Perhaps the most stunning news to come from our chat with Hussain today was the veiled reference to a full electric racing motorcycle being prepared for launch by a major American corporation.

The bike will reportedly sell for under USD40,000 and will be based on the winning AGNI machine of 2009 – in effect, a race replica of the first winning electric race bike. The replicas will be prepared in a batch of 50 machines and will not be road legal – they are being prepared as race bikes. Expect a February launch for the new bikes.

Of course, two big questions come to mind:  Who is the “major American corporation” that will be launching this bike; and will any of the other contenders from that race be offering their race-ready bikes to willing buyers?

The possibility of your own Brammo TTR.  Something to think about.



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