Soon to be a few of your favorite things?


Raindrops on roses?  Whiskers on kittens? F— that!

According to @brammodesigner, Enertia owners will soon count these terms among a few of their favorite things:


Kickstands and flow charts and flashy range finders,

No clutch and no gas and no gears to grinder (?)

The happiness that winning a turf challenge brings,

These are a few of my favorite things…

(Proving, once again, why I never became a songwriter.)

Range finder: The easy answer is that this would be something on the bike that tells you how far you can safely go, given the state of your battery.  The interns, however, were not involved in the design of the bike.  Rather, some of the interns were developing web-based applications.  I think this is a map-based program on which you input your current location (or the bike does it for you with its built-in GPS) and it shows a radius of how far you can travel based on your speed and charge.  Maybe it even has a way to analyze the terrain since significant increases in elevation would affect your range.  You would be able to input the availability and time of possible charging at your destination, which would affect your ability to get back home again.

And if that has nothing to do with what their “range finder” actually is, well, it should.

Kickstands: Other than the obvious, I have no idea.

Flow chart:  Some web app showing your speed/energy use/location along with pictures taken along the way?

Turf challenge: A web-based community where Enertia owners can submit the results of their flow chart and vie for the most-efficient rider?

I suppose we’ll have to wait and see as the information dribbles out.  Sometimes I wish they’d switch the flow of information into the “performance mode” and just let us see everything.



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