2010 TTXGP Isle of Man Race announces New PRO2 Class, No Open Class


This just released from the TTXGP Blog:

We are making some changes for the TTXGP Isle of Man 2010. Whilst we had a great start to 2009, we learnt about what worked and what didn’t. Also want to bring in new elements with an eye to the future.

First what isn’t changing. We keep the PRO class from 2009. Some safetly related changes to the rules will be made, but essentially the same 1-lap race will be back. Bigger, better, faster. This promises to be a thrilling event and will push the technology forward to new records.

The big change is that the OPEN class will be replaced by a PRO2 class. PRO2 will be a two lap run of the famous Mountain course. Teams will have the option to pit stop or run through on a single charge. Rules for pitstops will be part of the new set coming soon.

So for TTXGP/Isle of Man 2010, we have PRO and PRO2. Many thanks to all the teams that have given us feedback and have promised to return for 2010. Look forward to welcoming new teams to the TTXGP/Isle of Man family.

The race is on.




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  1. #1 by skadamo on August 9, 2009 - 12:30 am

    I would love to hear why they dropped the Open class. I thought the idea of a soft spend ceiling was a good way to get lower budget teams in the mix. There must be some negatives that killed it. I do love the 2 lap pro2 idea though. I am excited already!

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