“Hey girl, jump on my Enertia and I’ll give you a ride…”

I’m going to miss these interns.  Featuring Interns Mike ( @MikeAngelo305) and Zach (@MonicaLegitsky) Check out the line referenced in the title at 2:17.  The highlight, though, begins just past 3:00:

“I’m on my Brammo and you know I’m straight cruisin’, this is how we (roll?) so please don’t confuse it, drivin’ on the highway and I’m skippin’ past the next guy,”

“Where’d you get your bike?”

“Yo, I bought it at Best Buy.”

Brammofan approves.

UPDATE:  I wonder how you figure out when something goes “viral”? As of this afternoon, about 24 hours after the interns originally posted the video, it’s had 24,000+ views on YouTube.  It’s been commented on by AdFreak.com, Huffington Post, and now, the Wall Street Journal, which writes:

The interns’ work is nearly complete and Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher will fly to Boulder, Colo., next week to take a look at what happens when you turn loose 38 highly-creative, social media-savvy, rising stars in advertising on a product branding

The Wall Street Journal also reported this not-too-surprising news:

The company has been pleased enough with the work that they’ve decided to engage with Crispin Porter + Bogusky at a higher level.



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