Q. More Blue than Brammo Fans? A. EEStor Fans

If you have been one of the Brammo Fans who has been holding your breath, waiting for the July 2009 debut of the Enertia, it is time to exhale and inhale. Repeat.


Thank goodness.  I was a tad concerned upon waking each morning this month and seeing your face.  The first week or so, you were red-faced.  Then a bit purple.  These last two weeks, however, you have been blue-faced.  And today, as the milestone of another month passes, I can see that it wasn’t only your face that was blue.  It’s your mood.  Yet another month has passed and your garage is still empty.  You go home to it every day and sweep out that corner, straighten the coiled extension cord, and turn off the lights.  You want to believe that it will happen in August, but you don’t want your heart broken again.

Only one thing can make you feel better.  Well, two things.  The first, of course, would be to discover that it’s all been a big tease and that the Enertia is there, front and center, in Best Buy.  The second thing that could make you feel better is to know in your heart of hearts that someone is worse off than you.

Hello, EEStor Fans!  EEStor is a company that is busy developing an ultracapacitor. “Ultracapacitors store energy in an electrical field between two plates. They can charge faster than batteries, emit powerful pulses of electricity, and last almost indefinitely.”

Sounds like the key to the USA’s energy independence, right?  The only problem is that no one has seen a prototype of it.  Instead, EEStor Fans have to rely on blurry spy shots and unconfirmed leaked phone conversations to sate their desire for product news.

At least we Brammo Fans get “Order your Enertia” pages and tweets from the CEO about riding the first production model (although, regrettably, no photos).  These unfortunate EEStore Fans should at least get a tweet or two from their CEO claiming to have successfully tested the flux capacitor but that he has to go as he’s being pursued by a vanload of Libyan terrorists.

Perhaps we will wake up some morning next month (August) to find out that the reason behind the Enertia Day Delay was because the production models were being re-fitted with EEStore ultracapacitors and that the bikes now had a 300 mile range, a 10 minute recharge time, and a top speed of 100 mph.

Until then, breathe.


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  1. #1 by leh on August 2, 2009 - 1:33 pm

    I don’t get it–why is ANYone breathless for a $12K bike with a max range of 45 miles @ a 1/2 speed of 25 mph??? Does this mean at max speed one can expect a mighty 20-25 mile range? If so, my 1000W lithium-powered Tidalforce e-bike runs circles around this pig both cost and efficiency-wise, and I get some exercise to boot.

    Barring a major drop in price, Brammo will come and go like Vectrix, Motosport, and numerous other e-motos that have tried to fill a niche that doesn’t exist.

    • #2 by Timothy Wells on August 13, 2009 - 8:16 pm

      What are you talking about? The Enertia will go 50 MPH at 40-45mile range. This is no bicycle with a battery! This is a well tuned efficient machine. Not to mention battery and electric storage is getting better by the day. This Enertia Bike has only one direction to go and thats UP!

      If I owned one you couldn’t pry it from hands. Soon enough I’ll have one.
      Good Day Leh.

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