BRAMMO Enertia Powercycle equipped with NXT technology

This morning’s press release from NXT provides some more information about the onboard sound system installed on the Brammo Enertia:

BRAMMO Enertia Powercycle equipped with NXT technology

29 Jul 2009NXT plc, a provider of unique sound solutions, best known for its flat panel loudspeaker solutions, is delighted to announce the Enertia powercycle, a unique design electric motorcycle from USA-based manufacturer BRAMMO Inc, is equipped with NXT’s award-winning SurfaceSound technology.

The first model in the BRAMMO product range, the Enertia powercycle is a contemporary styled motorcycle, drawing upon design elements from classic bike designs combined with a plethora of modern technologies.  Eco-friendly with an exciting performance level, the Enertia has a range of 55 miles from a single charge, and is capable of top speeds in excess of 55 mph.  The Enertia’s six Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries need about four hours to charge before powering the technologically advanced sealed brushless AC electric motor to exhilarating levels of performance – ideal for urban and suburban commuting.

While energy efficient, it is the ultra quiet electric motor that provides the connection to NXT.  In order to ensure other road users, pedestrians and passers-by are aware of the Enertia and its’ rider’s presence, BRAMMO has equipped the cowling of the Enertia’s motor with SurfaceSound technology, giving the powercycle an audible range of sounds.  In addition to a dedicated start-up sound (think audio logo, like your PC) riders can customise the “idle” sound to their own preference.

Environmentally friendly with an exhilarating edge –

BRAMMO’s powercycle, featuring NXT technology

The Enertia’s direct drive system uses no clutch, transmission or gears which makes it simple to operate and the perfect choice for every day riders looking for an environmentally friendly transportation alternative to gas-powered cars or motorcycles.  Engineered from high grade materials and equipped with components from leading motorcycle suppliers, including Brembo, Marrzochi and Elka, the Enertia’s premium-grade brushless motor provides virtually maintenance-free operation and ownership.  Another aspect of the Enertia’s low running costs is its ability to cover around 15,000 miles on just $85 of electricity.

On sale this summer from selected Best Buy outlets in the US, the Enertia is priced from $11,995 and further information is available from


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