Electric cars (and motorcycles) really are cleaner

From a great website: dvice.com, comes this news that’s not too surprising, but worth quoting, nevertheless:

Sorry, critics — electric cars really are greener

Doing a bit of math, the article concludes with this kicker:

Nonetheless, 250 million EVs on the road would mean the country would need a lot of new power plants. With the majority of our power coming from coal, is that really a good idea? Sure, we could just assume we’ll build a bunch of pollution-free solar, wind or nuclear plants, but let’s assume the worst, and all that extra energy comes from coal. Per the EIA, every kWh generated by a coal plant produces two pounds of carbon dioxide. So 600 billion kWh x 2 lbs of CO2/kWh = 1.2 trillion pounds of CO2. Ouch.

Still, is that better than gasoline? The EIA says the U.S. consumed 3.3 billion barrels of gasoline in 2008, or 138 billion gallons. The Environmental Protection Agency says one gallon of gas belches out 20 pounds of CO2. That adds up to about 3 trillion pounds of CO2.

Given that motorcycle emissions are not regulated like automobiles, and that some sources indicate they pump out 16 times the emissions of an SUV, we’d all be better off going electric.



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