Blondie Question

Adrian Stewart’s tweet this morning raised Brammofan’s bushy eyebrows:


Why would Debbie Harry hang out with these guys?  No offense, Adrian and John, but we’re talking about The Debbie Harry here.  And seriously – this tweet was posted at approximately midnight, Oregon time.  Let’s look at the cast of characters:

Debbie Harry

deborah_harryDebbie Harry is/was/shall always be the voice and face of “Blondie,” one of the pioneer bands in the new wave and punk music sound from the late 1970s.  She is responsible for countless white suburban teenage boys thinking they could actually dance . . . in public.  Most of these boys were out there wishing that their dance partners even vaguely resembled the sexy lead singer.  By the way, Ms. Harry is a new Twitter-user.  You can find her at @BlondieOfficial.

Adrian Stewart

AdrianStewart-160x240Adrian Stewart is Brammo’s Director of Channel Development. He’s an infrequent, but always interesting tweeter: @adriangstewart

John Farris


John Farris is Brammo’s Director of Marketing. He’s on twitter, too: @johncfarrisjr

What were these three doing in the Oregon woods last night?

The answer to the question seems rather obvious to me, but I challenge the dozens legions of Brammofan readers to come up with an answer of their own.  You can use the comment section, below, or feel free to tweet me @brammofan with your theories.



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  1. #1 by sds on July 20, 2009 - 11:28 am

    This ought to be one heck of an Ad campaign!

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