Bramscher’s Midnight Ride on the new E-whatever?

(update, at bottom)

Late last night, when some of us were sleeping, (although some of us just wished we were sleeping) Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher was apparently out riding the streets of Ashland, Oregon on his latest creation: an electric-powered four-wheeled automobile that receives all the power it needs from the static electricity present in the air, has a collision-avoidance system that makes it nigh-on impossible to crash, and that he intends to sell at your local supermarket (in the cash register lanes) for $39.95.  It seats four.


Okay, so it doesn’t actually say anything even close to that.  Mea culpa. Still, there is something new coming out of Ashland soon, and we suspect it is the beefed-up TTR-like bike mentioned in some recent interviews.

Additional support for that possibility comes from an even later tweet from Adrian Stewart, Brammo Product Development Director.  He posted a picture, along with the tease line: BRAMMO Enertia TTR race bike #11 prepares to go on vacation…..


Come on, Brammo.  You’ve got to give me a little more to go on, here.  Are you going to start releasing coded messages in Aramaic soon?   Am I on the right track, at least?  I don’t think the “vacation” the TTR is going on is to the Mid-Ohio race, as Brammo is not listed among the participants.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s headed up Interstate 5 to Portland, Oregon, to appear next to the Enertia as it goes on sale … next week? We only have two more weeks in July, and there hasn’t been any new official announcement out of Brammo or Best Buy since the “on sale later in July” announcements.

Of course, telling an Ashland kid that he’s going on “vacation” to Portland is kind of like telling a Long Island kid that he’s going on vacation to Manhattan. Insert your own “suburb” and “nearest major city” here.

Stay tuned, as more confusing and cryptic messages are expected soon.

UPDATE: TTR’s “Vacation”

Adrian Stewart just “tweeted”:

#11 TTR vacation = Pocono,Watkins Glen,Michigan,Bristol,Atlanta, Richmond,Loudon,Dover,Kansas,Fontana,Charlo[tte,]

Talladega,Texas,Phoenix and Homestead…..quite a trip.

Wow.  That is quite a trip.  I’m taking a guess that the Kansas, Charlotte, and Talladega stops may be at the respective Speedways.  Anyone have any insights about these locations?


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