Bramscher on Fox Business Live yesterday


Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher appeared on Fox Business Live yesterday.  I was unable to extract the video (any hints would be welcome), but here’s the link.  It’s a long segment, and Bramscher appears at the end, between 49:00 and 59:00.

“60 MPH Plus”

Bramscher says, at about 53:00, that the Enertia can go “60 mph, plus.”  This has to be the first time he’s come out and actually said anything other that the 50mph speed listed on the website.

“Within a decade, 80 percent of new cars will be electric”

Another noteworthy quote, at about 56:00.  When asked where electric vehicles such as the Enertia fit into the whole green transportation story, Bramscher predicted that 80 percent of new cars sold will be electric, “within a decade.”

Some more quotes and news are there.  It’s worth a watch.


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