Flurry of BrammoLogoTivity

I thought most of the interns at CP+B were taking a three day weekend, but just now there was a flurry of activity from the troops.

Intern Elias Morales (@eliforshort) posted some interesting new logo proposals:


Some seem a bit reminiscent of the Luftwaffe and some others are still a bit Mini-Cooperish, oh, and the ones on the bottom, kinda Detroit RedWingish, but I must admit I’m fond of the styles in lines 4 and 5.   I guess we’ll see what gets by the Artistic Director and onto Mr. B’s desk.

Also, a few notable blog postings at:

Dear Mr. Bramscher

The Mackerman’s Blog

The Clutterboard

It’s great to see the energy coming from these underpaid/overworked folks.  Give them a read.

UPDATE.  More logo activity:

From Mackerman:

Taking a crack at some Brammo Logos


Sigh.  I’m seeing kind of a trend and I want to get it off my chest.  Understand that I do not come from an artistic background.  To me, the upper left logo screams German Luftwaffe (or SS).  Just for comparison purposes, here is the type of insignia it is vaguely similar to:

german insignia0012

And I’m focusing mainly on the wings, of course.

And this:

german medals0011

Yeah, I know. I’m not talking about identical logos, just that the upper left logo really seems to evoke the whole Nazi medal theme.  Maybe that’s what he was going for.  Use of the German Iron Cross has certainly been an oft-used theme in Biker-related tattoos and artwork.

Okay… enough harping on that logo.

Let’s go directly to the bottom row of Mackerman’s logos.


‘Nuff said.

and the stylish “B” in the third row with the little stem on the left? Sorry, but I mentally reversed it, colored it in, and came up with:


But I really liked the second row down.  Seriously.

Okay, I don’t like that one either.  Why?


I looked at it and thought, kind of looks like a shoulder shrug.  Like he’s saying, “I dunno.”  Thank you, Google image search.

Now, Mackerman, and the other interns I’ve probably insulted the heck out of, understand that you have more creativity in your little fingers than I have in my whole body.  What I lack in creativity, however, I more than make up for with my years of cynicism.  And that’s important because it was what made me become what I am: a Brammofan.

Short aside: When I first got into the whole Brammo Enertia fan thing, I was content to just read the occasional article and download the latest picture.  Then one day, while reading the comments on one site, I read some comment that called the Enertia “vaporware.”  The commenter called the Enertia this derisive term because it has, admittedly, taken a long time to get it from prototype to production.  The term “vaporware” touched that cynical nerve in me and called me to action.  No longer would I sit back and hope for the best for this fantastic vehicle.  I would do my utmost to see that it made it to the masses.  I would not rest until this machine was cruising on the streets in my hometown, located squarely in the middle of flyover country.

So understand that my sometimes cruel criticism comes from my need to see this product succeed.  People will always be there to criticize the styling, the range, the price.  The logo needs to be amazing.  Beyond criticism.  Totally original.  Guaranteed to evoke nothing but the promise of a new world, a new way of moving.  The logo has to flow with Brammo’s mission to change the world two wheels at a time.

Now, go back and try again.

UPDATE #2 (just under the wire)

Just before midnight (Central) I see these two:




Not even sure whose these are, but they’re definitely headed in the right direction.  I like the whole “Brammo/brahma bull” theme – I’m thinking this is going to be a Bramscher fave, and I like the “road to somewhere in the distance” theme as well.

And finally, really, my apologies to those I’ve offended today.  I really do realize that these are all works in progress.  My interests are focused on the ultimate success of your endeavors and the endeavors of both the  Mr. Bs’ companies.  Yeah, I take a few cheap shots once in awhile.  And you’re welcome to do the same.  Let’s keep each other on our toes.


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  1. #1 by John on July 13, 2009 - 5:39 pm

    Row 3, column 3. Dig it.

    • #2 by brammofan on July 13, 2009 - 7:23 pm

      To me, that looks like Woody Woodpecker from the side. Or a bit like the Toronto Blue Jays logo.

  2. #3 by Andrew on July 27, 2009 - 3:19 pm

    I must admit the bull design really does nothing for me. It seems like a bit of a stretch to get a bull from Brammo. I suppose it really depends on the pronunciation of “Brammo” I’ve always heard it pronounced with a short a, as in apple, or for that matter, Bramscher, which really is where the name originated, (it was Craig’s high school football nickname).
    I suppose if you pronounce it with an ah like automotive then it can be reminiscent of a Brahma. One thing concerns me – the fact that it’s a bull reminds me of Dodge. Dodge is owned by Chrysler. And Chrysler is probably the most broke of all the broke US car companies. Warranted or not it’s not an association I like when referencing the company I hope takes off like a rocket.

    I really like the shield design, I can very easily seeing that logo as a symbol that means “performance and quality” but seems a little too similar to Porsche. I do really like it though. I think if it had that similar feel I’d be all for it. Also if it was a symbol of something that is part of the Brammo mission and culture. Like BMW has their symbol that is the white propeller against a blue sky, hailing to their days as airplane engine manufacturers.

    All of the previous ones looked a little cartoony to me. I would like to say also that I appreciate all your hard work for us and I know creating a logo and building a brand image is not an easy task. Keep up the good work.

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