The Afterglow in Ashland

Yesterday’s historic ride of the first production Enertia, dubbed the “Golden Bike” by Brammo’s CEO, Craig Bramscher, was followed by a tweet by him:

1st production BRAMMO Enertia powercycle. The proto’s were great, but the finished product is just stunning (ifIdontsaysomyself) life=good.

This morning, Brammo Channel Development Director, Adrian Stewart seems to still be riding the Feelgood Express as he  posted this t-shirt design:


Yes, that’s the ubiquitous “Life is Good” dude riding on the Brammo Enertia Powercycle.  No clear indication that this is an actual design, soon to be available in a store near you.  It might be merely the creative scribbling of one of the CP+B interns.  Perhaps Santana Rose (link may be NSFW) rolled out of bed this morning wearing it.  (By the way, vote for the beauty on that page, not the poor disfigured beast, Ms. Rose.  I felt bad, having voted for the Enertia, but made up for my guilt by donating to “Save the Unfortunate Models” foundation).

Meanwhile, back at the Smithsonian Museum of Awesomeness, (Ashland, Oregon Annex?) there is a new display, posted this morning by @brammosays:


Apparently our beloved Brammo Best Buy Racing Team TTR, #11, is back from its 3rd place finish at the Isle of Man TTXGP.  According to Brammofan’s undisclosed sources, it was quarantined for several weeks while agents of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security tried to figure out if it was some sort of nuclear-powered ROCKET.


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