Crispin Porter + Bogusky Gets Busy on Brammo


With a Tweet instead of a bang or a whimper, we get to see what $17,000 + buys in the area of “advertising intern services.”  As a bit of background, this story is all about the ad agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky putting its interns on Ebay so anyone could bid on their services.  After the smoke cleared, the winning bidder was Brammo, with a bid of $17,655.  This was news when it happened, back in early June.  Since then, mostly silence, except for the occasional assembly-line picture posted by @bogusky.

Today, with this tweet, the Brammo campaign starts:

@zachmyrow Just got the OK to shout the brammo campaign process. You’re going to get the good, the bad and the ugly. Look for #behindbrammo for updates

So, for those who might be twitter-shy, I’ll be posting updates as they come off the wire (with my commentary in red. ) :

TheMackerman Tweaking the navigation for – i see cool things on the horizon #behindbrammo

zachmyrow Maybe people should walk to Best Buy and then drive their Brammo home. The brammo walk of excited powercyclists. #behindbrammo

zachmyrow: All motorcycle commercials say the same thing: we’re really *ucking loud. BUT, silence can be useful too. #behindbrammo

sweetsarahh: if brammo were a person who would it be? #behindbrammo

zachmyrow: A guy drops a girl off at 3am on his Brammo. Not waking the over-protective father. Super: Silence is useful. #behindbrammo

akugel: it’s pretty much a smartphone you ride. they’re working on it being able to fold up into your pocket, jetson’s style. #behindbrammo

TheMackerman: @sweetsarahh it’s clearly stephen hawking: two wheels, high tech, and the result of years of scientific research… but cooler

sweetsarahh: hmm… can the enertia take you through the black hole? (expand) #behindbrammo @TheMackerman
zachmyrow: @brammofan Absolutely. You’re going to get it from the elephant’s mouth. That was just so lame I had to tweet it. #behindbrammo.
TheMackerman: i still see the potential for a TV spot, interactive site, and mobile game here for brammo: #behindbrammo

Ha… that was a link to the Superbike race from Tron.

sweetsarahh: lets recruit followers to @brammocraig @brammofan @brammosays theres some cool stuff to be learned in the world of powercycles #behindbrammo

(why, thank you, sweetsarahh!)

akugel: @themackerman i think it’s going to come down to a special edition led-encrusted special edition lightbike #behindbrammo

Okay, so I’m not exactly sure who the “factory-approved” interns are, so be forewarned

zachmyrow: RT ohsnapattack (@zachmyrow) we need a definition for the term Brammoed. Like “oh snap, you just got brammoed.” #behindbrammo

wjessewright: Michael Jackson once said “We are the world.” Ride a Brammo. #behindbrammo

brammofan: I wonder if CP+B interns are aware of the effect of MJ’s funeral on twitter. The fail whale may do a belly flop on #behindbrammo.
sweetsarahh: aware but optimistic nonetheless. no fail whales 🙂 RT @brammofan The fail whale may do a belly flop on #behindbrammo.
sweetsarahh: RT @Mai_Randomness: Happy 16th Birthday to you. Ditch the car license. Grab a Brammo. #behindbrammo

GiroMunda: on-board cameras to download images to travel blogs? Bill Bryson will be rushing in Best Buy to get a Brammo before we know it #behindbrammo

GiroMunda no Kawasaki-get Enertias for the 2010 Tour de France. or have a Tour de France onBrammo, they already have it onskates #behindbrammo
TheMackerman: weighing in on the design for a pretty cool sound design project coming up for the enertia powercycle #behindbrammo

We’ve been hearing about this “sound contest” for a while.  Definitely hope Brammo gets on this.

brammofanCome on, interns, the Power is YOURS. Try this: I wish MJ could have sung that Free Willy song riding to KFC on an Enertia #behindbrammo
Just in case you’re wondering, twitter has a “trending topics” list that is updated throughout the day.  At the moment I sent that tweet, MJ, KFC and Free Willy were in the top three.

GPeezy: Who IS this mysterious @brammofan? At the very least a Visionary customer, I hope. Props for the #behindbrammo plugs.
allisonfarrar: You think it’s gangsta to go on a pollution spree. Why don’t you try to be eco-friendly? Love it @MonicaLegitsky #behindbrammo

zachmyrow: – Brammo Enertia in the CP+B lobby. It’s surprisingly easy to ride indoors… #behindbrammo
SarenaBahad: Brammomania!! I’m copyrighting that phrase ASAP lol #behindbrammo

Suddenly, a rush at 2:50pm CT.  It’s getting tough to follow, and tough to read, probably.  Might have to quit soon.

wjessewright: Despite being in production, pretty cool that I get to work on creative comps for in store experiential for Brammo. Saweeet! #behindbrammo

sweetsarahh: note the naming conventions of technology and transportation and think about how brammo could use these patterns… #behindbrammo

bburns21: – The Brammo Batcave. Clutter Boards and all. Inspiration. #behindbrammo
Geeze.  What a formatting nightmare this page is.  I’ll do my best to update.  Or, if you want to find them yourself:


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