A New “Buy Your Enertia” Page?

I was pretty sure that Brammofan was able to navigate Brammo’s (somewhat clunky) site with his eyes closed, but I think I just found a new page… or at least a page that contains some new features.  The “Buy Your Enertia” page is live and set up with lots of Flash goodness.

For example, the site has five color options for the bike Powercycle.  Those colors are:

  1. Subliminal Green
  2. Glacial Blue
  3. Sunburnt Orange
  4. White Noise
  5. Graphite Silver

Brammo also gives you the option of picking the standard “black vinyl seat” or, for $200, you can upgrade to the premium seat, described as:

Premium textured black vinyl and charcoal grey synthetic suede combination with accent stitching.  This durable UV and water-resistant material looks great, keeps you planted comfortably  in the saddle, and is washable to retain its distinctive look and feel.

The pricing list includes mention of the Federal Plug-In Tax Credit of $1,199 and includes a link to the Department of Energy page that lists the various state-level tax credits.

The site also has a “monthly payment” calculator with terms listed as “24 months, 0% APR, $4,000 down.” Sweet interest rate.  I’m thinking that Best Buy has something to do with the financing.

Finally, the only accessory currently listed is the “Visionary Jacket,” described as “a high-quality jacket that expresses your unique style, the Visionary Jacket represents the bold spirit of adventure and forward-thinking.”  It’s a bargain at $299.

One of the questions that pops into my mind is whether we’ll soon see some additional colors that we’ve gotten some glimpses of over the preceding months, such as that fuschia bike in May.

And finally, because I simply can’t help myself, who named these colors? Subliminal Green? Maybe they should have called it, “Get it? It’s green, as in ‘save the environment’ green” Glacial Blue? Seems like a set-up for cracks about the top speed, or perhaps they are marketing to the polar bear demographic tired of climbing from ice floe to shrinking ice floe. Sunburnt Orange: because, if we don’t all stop burning fossil fuels, this color will complement your ozone-hole enhanced tan. White Noise, because the bike is quiet and we like to use irony in our color names.  And finally, Graphite Silver. . .  which is the only color name I can’t poke a little fun at.

Still riffing here, (my OCD is kicking in), my color name choices would be:

  1. Lime Tree Green
  2. Bolt from the Blue
  3. Orange Juice
  4. White Lightning
  5. Silver Streak

I missed my calling, apparently.  If you think you can do better, feel free to comment, below.


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