Interview of Brammo CEO by Hell For Leather

Hell For Leather Editor, Wes Siler, has another compelling interview with Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher.  Along with some “up close and personal” pictures, Siler talks with Bramscher about the upcoming sound contest he intends to have, and notes that the winner will likely end up with an Enertia.  He covers some of the history of Brammo Motorsports and its development of a V-12 supercar.  Too many fascinating Brammo facts to list here, so click through Hell For Leather’s site and read it.  (Note: the interview appears as an image file, much like a multi-page magazine foldout, but it’s worth scrolling sideways to read it, to get the facts, and to see the photographs taken by the talented Grant Ray.)

Hell For Leather – Transportation 2.0

Grant Ray photos of Bramscher


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