Brammo CEO one of “Ten Most Creative People in Ethonomics”

According to Fast Company Magazine, Craig Bramscher, CEO of Brammo, Inc. is one of the “Ten most creative people in Ethonomics.”  Fantastic, right? — Okay, I had to look it up, too.  Here, according to Fast Company, is an explanation of the term:

The end of the modern financial system as we know it has cleared the way for an era of ethical economics, or “Ethonomics.” We live in a world that’s resource-constrained but ingenuity-rich. So an upstart generation of entrepreneurs–and innovators within the world’s biggest companies–are founding businesses that are good for the world as well as the bottom line. They are practicing social change through urban revitalization, sustainable agriculture, green IT, alternative energy and online community-powered investing. Any business that claims to be truly sustainable and innovative should be increasingly efficient with energy and natural resources, transparent and accountable, and good on balance for people and other living things. Ethonomics is a hybrid of technology, design, and social responsibility, and at Fast Company we believe it is the future of business.

But we’re not breathless cheerleaders for every daisy-splashed widget that comes down the pike. We have a skeptical eye out for greenwashing by large and small companies alike, and are impatient with lofty claims that stray too far from the marketplace or from Main Street. Our duty is to keep it honest; our promise to our audience is to keep our coverage clear-eyed and entertaining. In the reality-based world of ethonomics, good results are more important than good intentions.

And here’s what the magazine said about Bramscher in the article from this month’s issue:

9. Craig Bramscher, CEO, Brammo
The founder and former CEO of Internet start-up DreamMedia, Bramscher has extended his entrepreneurial spirit to electric motorcycles. Now Bramscher wants to “drive change in the New Energy Economy” with the Enertia Electric Motorcycle, a sleek plug-in bike that gets up to 45 miles per charge. Most recently, Brammo won a $17,655 eBay auction to have Crispin Porter + Bogusky interns design an ad campaign.

In addition to the Enertia, Bramscher clearly “walks the talk” when it comes to the concept of Green tech.  In a recent interview, he indicated that his new assembly plant would likely have some energy saving ideas incorporated within, such as solar energy, an air evacuation system for efficient cooling, and energy efficient lighting.   He has also indicated the current use of recycled materials and reusable shipping products so that less material ends up in the dumpster at the end of the day.

Congratulations, Craig!  And thank you, Fast Company for recognizing him.


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