John Farris interview on Pit Pass Radio


Pit Pass Radio interviewed Brammo Director of Marketing, John Farris,  yesterday.  Here are some choice quotes and/or paraphrases.  Download the audio here.

It is interesting how the reported speed of the motorcycle seems to fluctuate.  The official website reports “50+ mph.” Farris recounted a story from the recent press junket to New York City:

One guy went out on a production Enertia . . . they were going 60, 65 miles and hour across one of the bridges in New York.

Any wheelie testing?

I have been able to pop a modest wheelie.

Carbon footprint?

Very close to zero.  Certainly the motorcycle is zero emission.  Our whole operating philosophy at Brammo is one of sustainability.  If you tour our shop and manufacturing facility, it is all recycled materials, from the pallets the parts are shipped in on to the pallets the bikes are shipped out on.

Performance- Your website says it can go 45 miles at 25 miles per hour.  How long can you go at 50 mph?

Many variables.  Weight of rider, incline.  Brammo based the ’45 at 25mph’ estimate on NHTSA data that the average commute is 26 miles and the average speed of that commute is 29 mph. . . . We know it can exceed all those performance metrics.

It’s about 18 horsepower.  Comparable to a 250cc street bike.


$11,995, but qualifies for a 10 percent federal tax credit. A number of states have enacted or will enact similar legislation, so it’s likely there will be another 10 percent state-level tax credit, as well.

Only sold at Best Buy?

We’re not exclusive with Best Buy.  Can buy online.  We have literally hundreds of pre-orders that are going through processing and confirming.  Going on sale in Portland (Oregon) at Best Buy in early July, and based on the results of that test market . . .  Best Buy starts to rollout across the country from there.

Other choice quotes:

Brammo is an amazing company led by an amazing founder, Craig Bramscher.

We want to be the leader in clean transportation, the first profitable electric vehicle company, the first new startup transportation company, successful, in … can you name the last one in America?

Does it make any noise?

A very quiet ‘whirr.’  It has speakers on it, and it will be programmed with a startup sound. There may be some legislation that requires some noise to emit from it.

Great job, John!  Thanks for all the information!


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