Everything the Brammo Enertia Isn’t.


This just posted at autobloggreen.com.  A new video of Patmont Motor Werks’ concept cycle, the “Shocker.”  Brammofan notes that this EV has some pretty revolutionary-sounding ideas onboard:

“sealed liquid-cooled DC brushless dual axial gap motor, wireless throttle, Cantilevered Independent Dynamic Linkless Indispension (CDLI) …”

and what looks to be a decal instead of an actual headlight (hey, brammofan, give them some slack. It’s a prototype),  packaged up as a dirt bike that will be street legal and freestyle-ready.  The video teaser does indeed show a few tricks – wheelies and  stoppies.  One wonders what a real stunt driver like Susan Purkiser might do if she got her hands on one of these.  Significant damage to the bike or to surrounding property, no doubt.  (Note: Susan may soon have an opportunity to test drive the Enertia, according to twitter conversations.  Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher may want to look at this, first).

The Shocker is not a commuter-friendly bike, however.  In the first moments of the video (0:38), the rider almost has to go on tip-toes to hike his leg over the seat.  The Enertia is much lower, much friendlier to people of shorter stature.  But the suspension . . . errrr  . . . the “indispension” of the bike is interesting to observe nevertheless, and we hope to see more out of this Nevada-based company.


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