Brammo Interview on Blog Talk Radio

CEO Craig Bramscher talks with the Small Business folks at Blog Talk Radio.  Some of the things discussed:

Brammo was a high school nickname – At his 20 year reunion (“a few years ago” . . . yeah, right!) people knew him as “Brammo.”

Started the company in 2001 for producing a “supercar” for “pro-athlete” sized guys (ended up with the Ariel Atom), and started exploring electric cars, but battery technology wasn’t ready for cars yet.  Battery technology made sense for use on motorcycles, though.  “The highest and best use of the technology where it is today.”

“Guilt free pleasure” Enjoyable to ride, and doesn’t burn fuel, pollute.

The host asked if he had invented the electric motorcycle.  He noted that electric motorcycles have been around for a while.  “We’re the first one that has created a mass production motorcycle for the rider that has not been on a motorcycle, and for the seasoned rider. ”

Can they be manufactured in a “green process?”  Yes, said Bramscher.  “It’s a continuous process, working with parts vendors.” Uses reusable crates.  Shipped as needed. Trying to put less and less in the dumpster at the end of the process.

Looking at solar for our new factory, energy efficient lights, air evacuation system in the factory that cools it down at night.

Re: the Best Buy partnership: It’s fun to watch the initial panic or shock when he tells people where he’s selling it.  He relates the story that, when the bike was disassembled, it looked more like a server, than a motorcycle (except for the wheels and handlebars.)  We were selling consumer electronics that you ride, rather than integrating electronics into an existing product.  It has wifi and bluetooth capability,

Announced an upcoming contest to come up with a default start-up sound for the bike.

They are marketing it toward the “aspirational customer.”   Someone who has said, “I’ve always wanted a motorcycle, but . . . . ”

35 people at Brammo today (June 16) from Best Buy, getting trained.


Benefits for small businesses going green.  Mentions his four children.  Great business idea that became a moral obligation.  “If enough companies look at a problem, we really can solve things, and consumers respond to that.”

Notes that starting this venture during a down economy has the benefit that he has been able to employ very talented people.  Getting favorable terms from vendors.

Give it a listen!

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