Good news for Brammo from the Department of Energy

Good news for Brammo from the Department of Energy:

(If you can call being labeled “inevitable” as good news)

Energy Secretary Chu:

Electric vehicles “inevitable”


by Sebastian Blanco on Jun 14th 2009 at 11:16AM

The Secretary of the Department of Energy, Steven Chu, gave the commencement address at CalTech on Friday, and electric vehicle advocates could find something to cheer about from his words of advice to the Class of 2009. Plug-in supporter Paul Scott went to the ceremony, and was happy ot hear Chu say that we needed to prepare for the “inevitable transition to electricity as the energy for our personal transportation.” Scott writes:

While most may have missed the importance of this comment, it meant everything to me. Those at the top of the Obama administration understand the need to move from dirty fossil fuels to renewable electricity, and their efforts so far show they are serious.

Chu’s defunding, at the federal level, of the hydrogen fuel cell vehicle means he knows we need to put our efforts toward solutions that are ready now, not some expensive, inefficient technology that requires us to continue buying our energy from oil companies.

via Energy Secretary Chu: electric vehicles “inevitable”.


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