Time to get back to business? First non-TTXGP story today

Consumer Reports Associate Editor Jim Travers has written a blog article following Brammo’s big NYC press event this week.

Some of my favorite excerpts:

At first blush, the people behind motorcycle maker Brammo could be dismissed as nutso for even thinking of hooking up with a big-box store as the primary outlet for their electric cycles. Keep in mind, the Brammo guys are people who know motorcycles, ride motorcycles, and know other people who do. And the Brammo Enertia is a real motorcycle, a full-size bike capable of highway speeds.

* * *

As Brammo CEO Craig Bramscher explained at a recent New York City media event, the idea of working with an electronics store came out of what he calls an epiphany that occurred during development, when a group of people involved were standing around looking at a disassembled Enertia. The assorted parts, they reasoned, had every bit as much to do with electronics as they did mechanics. Indeed, the Enertia has few moving parts and lots things like batteries, capacitors, controllers, and gizmos. Bramscher even describes the power cord as looking like the ones powering Hewlett-Packard computers in offices across America. Brakes and tires are about all there is to maintain, as long as the motor and batteries hold out. And if they don’t, bring on Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

* * *

Brammos are set to start hitting Best Buy stores in early July, with a nationwide rollout beginning on the west coast. The Geek Squad has already been dispatched to company headquarters in Oregon for the necessary training to service the bikes.

That’s especially good news about the Geek Squad getting special training on the Enertia.  Let’s hope that the sales staff will also be trained.


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