The most significant photo of the TTXGP

Amadeus Photography took the following shot during the start of the today’s TTXGP race.  He’s a talented photographer and has come through with some of the best shots of this entire event.  Given the immense amount of planning this event required, it was somewhat surprising that news, photos and videos of the qualifying runs and practices were often so hard to come by.  The amazing thing was that Amadeus took these high quality photos while he was also taking snapshots with his Blackberry phone and posting them on Twitter.

But this picture has a message beyond the mere documentation of a historic event:


Inside those funnel-shaped steel cones on the side of the road is the one thing that these bikes do not depend upon.  Petroleum.

Now you can quibble and tell me that the electricity came from some sort of oil-fueled generator, or that many of the parts of the bikes depend upon petroleum, but you know what I mean.  What this photograph means.  What this turning point in history means.

It’s all about the juice.

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