Race Stats of yesterday’s TTXGP Qualifier (unofficial)

Unofficial… definitely.  These statistics come from a user named “Thumper400” on the iomtt.com message forum.  And by “unofficial,” let me have Thumper400 explain:

here we go as promised i have my notes here with me , these are just MY notes as i heard them at the time so may be a bit scetchy due to some beer

From yesterday’s race (Brammo Best Buy Team is highlighted):

race number-speedtrap-laptime-lapspeed


So Brammo finished within two minutes of each other with an average lapspeed of 76 mph, almost 77.  The “speed trap” is, I believe, shortly after the start on a straightaway, and is likely close to the top speed of the bike.

UPDATE: according to Amadeus_IOM, “the speed trap is on a stretch called ‘Sulby Straight’ further down the course.”

Team Agni, the winner of yesterday’s run, may have the first place trophy wrapped up, but you never know what might happen during these races.

According to the TTXGP blog, Team Agni came within 1 mph of beating the Ultra Lightweight lap record for the TT.  That class of bikes has the 50cc ICE engine. The blog states, “What’s happening here has propelled the technology forward faster and more substantively then any of us ever imagined when we started. We believed in maybe… but the reality has defied even the most hardened sceptics.”

Well, not the MOST hardened skeptics, which can be found trolling around the iomtt.com forums.  One poster said:

Think of a SLOW average speed, then halve it, what a waste of space (not to mention race slot).

These machines could have done a demo lap and not taken the place of REAL racing machinery, I cant believe a race has been set up for these at the expense of proper machinery. eg: 125   250’s.

There will always be those who find fault in change.  I doubt that their trepidation will stop the rising tide.  As stated in the TTXGP blog:

The paddock is alive with anticipation and fellowship. The significance of these days has dawned on us all. On this day, the world changed and the combustion engine bikes have started to feel vintage even before they hit the showrooms.

Today is the day before the big race.  Tomorrow, everything changes.


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  1. #1 by thumper400 on June 11, 2009 - 11:07 am

    my pleasure to give you guy the info on the ground we are really excited to see these bikes on the island

    heres to the future

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