Pictures of History (featuring the Brammo TTR) Updated with race results

The first picture is from the great photographer Amadeus, feature the TTR at the starting line:


The second, posted by @BrammoSays, shows the team rolling both bikes out to the starting line:


Still waiting to hear if they finished #3 and #4, or #2 and #3.  Either way, it’s a testament to the talent and skill of the design and racing teams that both bikes finished.  Only 10 of the 14 bikes that started today’s practice run were able to finish the race.

UPDATE: Race Results from TTXGP:

1) Rob Barber (AGNI) 26m41.39   84.819 mph  (Sulby 102Mph)

2) Dan Kneen (ManTTX) 32m01.81  70.677 mph

3) Chris Petty (Barefoot Motors) 33m35.09   67.405 mph

4) Thomas Montano (Mission)  33m45.98   67.043 mph

5) Thomas Schoenfelder (XXL)  34m07.44    66.341 mph

6) Roy Richardson (Brammo) 35m47.76   63.242 mph

7) Mark Buckley (Brammo) 35m52.11  63.114 mph

8 ) Chris Heath (ElectroMotorSports) 36m26.47   62.122 mph

9) George Spence (Kingston) 40m44.77   55.559 mph

10) Paul Dobbs (HTBlauva)  41m53.00  54.050 mph

So Brammo bikes finish within five seconds of each other, but 9 minutes (and avg. 20 mph) slower than the winner.  No biggie, as it’s just a qualifying run.  And remember that the big picture is about how racing drives innovation on the production models.


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