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Note: see bottom of article for update on 1st bike over the finish line.

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(IOM Today) Shielded by an awning against the drizzle and bitter wind that had already seen Saturday’s racing postponed, Kingston University’s team was putting the finishing touches to its race machine on Saturday.A final year project for four students on its motorcycle engineering and design degree course, the bike is the product of many hours’ dedication and ‘a lot of late nights’.

Student Alex Jones-Dellaportas said: ‘We didn’t really get started until November but if everything goes to plan we will give the other guys a run for their money.’

The bike is to be ridden by George Spence in the open class for bikes built to a target price of £20,000 and is based on an NSR 250 frame.

It weighs just 188kg and has a three-speed gearbox to optimise power for setting off, give extra torque for hill climbing or maximum speed of about 102mph when cruising.

Course director Paul Brandon said funding had been a challenge but they were fortunate in finding sponsorship from battery manufacturer LifeBatt.

Mission Motors’ race offering, the Mission One, is a prototype to develop an actual road-going bike and the whole machine including the frame has been designed by the San Francisco-based firm.

‘The design is completely in-house apart from the forks and the Ohlins suspension,’ said the firm’s Jeremy Cleland.

‘We started building the bike to sell and then this race came along at a fortuitous time for us. We are a manufacturer of electric bikes and we hope to produce 300 of these next year.’

Ridden by their compatriot Tom Montano, once the fastest American around the TT course, the team think the bike is good for 110 to 120mph, so are confident of a good result.

Mr Cleland’s colleague Edward West added: ‘It’s an awesome opportunity and we are very excited to be here. We hope to put up a really strong showing.’

The bike, which has no clutch or gears, is entered in the Pro3A class for non-price limited bikes.

Oregon-based Brammo is entering two bikes in the Pro3A class ridden by Roy Richardson and Mark Buckley. Again, both bikes are developed by the company with a view to launching it for sale to the public in the near future.

At just 167kg, their bike is, they believe the lightest and it too is thought to be good for more than 100mph.

‘We opted to get it as small and light as possible and that has driven every aspect of the design,’ said Brian Wismann, the company’s director of product development.

‘The big question is how fast it will be?’ he added. ‘My guess is average lap speeds will be somewhere between 70mph to 85mph. The main thing is this is the toughest and best course to develop a product for the mass market,’ he said.

So far testing at Jurby suggests the bike has the range and the 70-tooth rear sprocket is testament to its torque.

‘For the rider it will be all about battery power conservation,’ he added.

The eRockit team from Berlin was pinning its hopes on their bike’s six-speed gearbox. At 220kg, the bike is one of the heavier offerings and on Saturday no speed testing had yet been possible. The bike is entered in the Pro3A class ridden by TT course regular David Madsen Mygdal.

The firm’s Nicolas Schnur said he was unsure if he was looking forward to Friday’s race.

‘We’ll have to wait and see what happens,’ he said.

‘We did our best and are hoping for a creditable finish. Just participating in this event is a big thing for everyone and worth all the hard work. We are just hoping for some good weather now!’


The inaugural TTXGP, the one-lap clean emissions TT takes place on Friday, June 12, before the Senior race.

There has been a change to the line-up of competitors in Friday’s TTXGP after Olie Linsdell was forced to pull out as a result of injuries he picked up during Wednesday night’s practice.

The full list of TTXGP teams and riders is:

  • 1. Thomas Montano (Mission Motors — PRO 3A)
  • 3. George Spence (Kingston University — OPEN)
  • 4. Paul Owen (EVOdesign — PRO 3A)
  • 5. Mark Miller (MotoCzysz — PRO 3A)
  • 6. Alan Connor (KillaCycle Racing / Lightning Motorcycles — PRO 3A)
  • 7. David Madsen-Mygdal (eROCKIT — PRO 3A)
  • 8. Chris Petty (Barefoot Motors Racing — PRO 3A)
  • 10. Chris Palmer (Imperial TTxGP — OPEN)
  • 11. Roy Richardson (Brammo/BIKE — PRO 3A)
  • 12. Robert Barber (Team Agni — PRO 3A)
  • 14. Paul Dobbs (HTBLAUVA TGM — PRO 3A)
  • 16. Dan Kneen (ManTTx Racing — OPEN)
  • 17. John Crellin (TORK — OPEN)
  • 18. Thomas Schoenfelder (XXL — PRO 3A)
  • 19. To be announced (EVOdesign — PRO 3A)
  • 21. Chris Heath (Electric Motorsport — OPEN)
  • 22. Roger Maher (Electric Motorsport — PRO 3A)
  • 23. Antonio Maseo (Peace e-rider — OPEN)
  • 24. Steve Harper (Brunel X-team — PRO 3A)
  • 26. Mark Buckley (Brammo/BIKE — PRO 3A)

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Editor’s note 4.15pm: Rob Barber has made history by becoming the first man to complete a lap of the Mountain Course on a TTXGP bike, aboard the AgniX01. His time, recorded during this afternoon’s practice session, of 26 minutes 41.39 seconds translates as an average speed of 84.810mph. His top speed was 102.6mph, captured by the transponder on Sulby Straight.

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