Engadget Reviews the Brammo Enertia

Appearing on Engadget.com today:

Engadget cruises with the Brammo Enertia electric motorcycle (with video!)

Great write-up by Tim Stevens ( @Tim_Stevens) who rode and reviewed the Zero Motorcycle ZeroS last month.

Some choice quotes:

First impressions of the Brammo are good; really good. Sure it looks a bit scrawny from a distance, but get close and the details come out.

t’s also got comprehensively better feeling brakes, with a tiny two-pot Brembo setup on the front wheel that, despite a slightly squishy lever feel, hauled the bike down to a stop in a hurry — reassuring when you’re dodging as many pedestrians as we were.

It’s a bit of a shame that the range is so limited, as the bike is a far more welcoming chariot than the Zero S. That great looking seat isn’t particularly wide, but it is plush and comfy, and the large pegs are in a forward position that leaves you upright and your knees extended.

If you’re buying an electric motorcycle you’re looking for something different, something special, and the Enertia certainly feels special. From that almost tacky but still cool power button on the tank, down over the minimalist fairing, and back to the chopped seat, it all fits together and fits well.

Oh sure, it contained some criticism — price, range, horsepower — but generally, it’s a fair and positive review for the Enertia.

Oh… and there’s video, as well.

Video here

Thanks Tim for a great review of the Brammo Enertia



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