TTXGP: The eGrandPrix | TTXGP eGrandPrix 2010 is now rolling.

We haven’t even begun the time trials and have barely started some practice runs for the first TTXGP, and now this, from the official TTXGP Blog:

TTXGP eGrandPrix 2010 is now rolling.

We have been working hard to build on this year in a meaningful way. 2010 needs to be bigger, faster and with an even larger impact.

So we have today started planning for 2010 with some big new changes.

The most significant is that we are now coming with bikes and CARS.

Bikes will continue to push the endurance forward with a new class in addition to the PRO class from 2009. PRO2 will introduce a 2 lap race with hot swappable battery packs for a pit stop. All coming to the Mountain Circuit.

Two classes for CARS are also in development. We have single seater and saloon car classes in mind. All pushing the limits of zero carbon at the greatest road race event in the world.

The journey continues.. more details to come. The date is set for August 2010.

For now enjoy TTXGP 2009.

via TTXGP: The eGrandPrix | TTXGP eGrandPrix 2010 is now rolling..

Cars for 2010.  CEO of Brammo, Craig Bramscher once said that he chose to manufacture electric motorcycles because the battery technology at the time he made the decision had not advanced far enough to make an electric car affordable.  Perhaps the driving force of racing competition might change that sooner than we think.

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