Road Racer X article "Road to Ashland"

A decent article by RRX’s Mark Gardiner chronicles the story of how Craig Bramscher, CEO of Brammo, came to Ashland, Oregon to build a supercar, and ended up with a vision about an entirely different kind of vehicle.

This article appeared on May 14, 2009, and it included a photo of Bramscher sitting calmly at his desk.

Some of the more obsessive readers of this article found that they could zoom in on the monitor on Bramscher’s desk and examine a picture of the Enertia TTR “with warpaint” which is currently being prepared for the TTXGP race. By May 17, 2009, the story of the picture appeared in Autobloggreen, a blog covering alternative fuel vehicles.

According to the countdown clock on Brammo’s and TTXGP’s sites, about 22 days remain before this modified commuter cycle faces stiff competition in the 37 mile race on this small island between England and Ireland. Let’s

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